Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Well said on Ash Wednesday

Dilige eum prae omni dulcedine,
et ciborum suavitate ita, ut gulosis excessibus te temperans,
incipias gustare et videre, quam suavis sit Dominus. (Ps. 34,9)

This little quote from my MENSIS EUCHARISTICUS (D. Giuseppe Santoro) is set down for the tenth of each month and just happened to coincide with Ash Wednesday, which together with Good Friday, gets top billing in the Church calendar for fast and abstinence.

For all of us "over-nourished" types, tempering excesses in food and drink can be a positive health thing or better we can bind it to this prayer that we might come to rather taste or enjoy, thus see, how good the Lord is.

A grace-filled Lent Season of denying self and seeking Christ to one and all!


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