Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Turning the Page


    The end of another calendar year is fast approaching. This one is special for me because it will mark my retirement. Nuncios have the option of retiring at age 70. I asked to do so and the Holy Father accepted, requesting that I stay on until the end of the calendar year.  All of a sudden here we are! If the planes fly, I should be leaving Bern, Switzerland for Sioux Falls, South Dakota on 3 January.

    With that change of address, continent and all, in mind, I also want to turn the page on my blog. Ad Montem Myrrhae has served me well, but I am looking forward to posting things on: ut ad Sancta sanctorum puris mereamur mentibus. It is a long title for a blog, but it states an intention and hopefully will set an agenda. It is the heart of the prayer Aufer a nobis, which the priest prays silently as he ascends to the altar.

  Committing myself to continuing blogging (book reviews, homilies, and commentary) is probably my "no" answer to people asking me if I plan to write books. It is something I enjoy and I guess I have had enough positive feedback on some of my posts to illude myself into believing I am doing something constructive with my blogging.

        So then, at some point in 2021 I hope to pick up the thread elsewhere.


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