Sunday, December 6, 2015

Growing into Christ

Transformation In Christ 
von Hildebrand, Dietrich
 Ignatius Press. Kindle Edition. (2011-02-04).

"I discovered that my own readiness to change was highly selective, for whereas I was willing to improve in some areas of my life, I wanted to remain in command and to determine myself the scope and limits of my transformation. Rare are those (and they are properly known as saints) whose readiness to change is total, absolute, unconditional, and who let the Divine Master decide how deeply the marble is to be chiselled." (Kindle Locations 67-70).

I finally finished this classic! Although it would be wrong to encourage you to read it solely for gems like the quote above, it is these which keep the faint of heart, the sluggish, going, as for the most part von Hildebrand in this book plugs on in professorial fashion. What I want to say is that the book is systematic and reminiscent of a lecture course; it is not a novel, nor is it a poetic piece of the genre of a St. John of the Cross. As the author deals very much with specific virtues, which combined make for that transformation which is the road to heavenly glory, it can become for the reader, and it will be so for me, a book to which I will return for chapters on topics like "patience" or "meekness". 

Happy reading!

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