Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Coming Home, Part 2

Back in May in Fischingen, I had the incomparable experience of celebrating my very first Pontifical High Mass according to the 1962 Missal. Today, 12 September, feast of the Holy Name of Mary, in St. Pelagiberg, other dear friends helped carry me through my very first Missa Prelatitia! Roughly described, it is a bishop's low Mass assisted by two priest chaplains and a server. They assured me I did well.

I want, in all simplicity, to express the wish, my fervent prayer really, that the incomparable experience of the usus antiquior would reach many more bishops and priests as celebrants. Obviously, I wish the experience for the laity as well.

No doubt there is no easy answer as to why a half century and more ago some of the proponents of the liturgical movement were so bent on casting off our birthright, the Mass of the Ages, set as it should be in the vital context of a thoroughly Catholic way of living.

May the Lord grant pardon to iconoclasts and deliverance to His Bride the Church today for tomorrow. We make our prayer calling on the Holy Name of Mary, confident in her powerful intercession before her Divine Son!


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